John Mitchell

John Mitchell



My paintings are made up of images derived from different sources: my drawings, my photographs, the work of other artists, magazines, the cinema, television, fantasies, dreams . . . .


These images, found by a combination of intuition and accident, suggest

the structure and atmosphere of a painting, providing a point of departure.

They are modified, shaped and arranged, without trying to reach for a meaning too soon . This allows chance and the unconscious to influence the discovery of images and themes.


This approach can offer an access to regions out of conscious awareness, so that the viewer may form his or her individual response to the combinations of images, colours and textures.


I work mostly in oils, a medium which facilitates an energy of expression. The choice between canvas, panel, or paper on panel affects the eventual surface and contributes to the atmosphere of the painting.


In his novel American Pastoral Philip Roth speaks of the unfiltered way in which meaning comes to children, flowing simply from under the surface of things. When I remember my childhood, I understand what he means. Sometimes that happens even now, in spite of the clutter of thoughts, beliefs and habits which prevent us from  simply seeing. I believe painting is a means of revitalising this capacity, for the painter and the viewer both.

John Mitchell




2017            Roux Galerie, Portland, Maine,

                   Etats Unis – Exposition Ouverte


2017            Galerie du Phare, Bourges

                   Exposition Solo


2017             Verdict, Brighton – Exposition Solo


2014             Hop Gallery, Lewes - Exposition  Solo


2012              Art Erotica - Exposition Ouverte, London


2011              Cork Street Exposition Ouverte, London


2010             Bath Royal Literary and

                    Scientific Institution - Exposition Groupe


2010             Bath Royal Literary and   Scientific Institution - Exposition Solo


2009            Hay Hill Gallery, Cork Street, London - Exposition Solo


2008            Royal West of England Academy Exposition Ouverte, Bristol


2006            Bath Arts Society Exposition Ouverte, Bath


2006            Chelsea Art Society Exposition Ouverte, London


2005            The Art of Love - Exposition Ouverte, London